JESSICA manicure
€ 25
The Jessica manicure begins with a nail analysis to determine your nail type.
Your hands are then massaged and inserted into heated mittens. Your cuticles are gently pushed back and your nails are filed into a shape of your choice . We apply a base coat to improve your nail type and finish with a polish of your choice before the top coat and brilliance for shine is applied.
JESSICA file and Polish
€ 15
JESSICA French file and Polish
€ 18
JESSICA Princess file and polish under 13's
€ 8
Nail File
€ 10
Soak off
€ 10
No soak off charge when having polish re-applied
€ 30
Say good-bye to chips, smudges and dry time and say hello to Shellac hybrid nail colour. This product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for up to 14 days of high gloss shine and is removed in minutes. Shellac is hypo-allergenic and 3 free ( no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP) leaving it brilliantly shiny with maintenance free wear. Shellac paints like a polish, base-coat, top-coat and is cured in a UV light so there is zero dry time. The lamp ensures a dazzling flinish for gorgeous nails.
€ 30
Jessica geleration looks like a polish and wears like a gel, this non chip, non smudge, high gloss gelleration polish lasts up to 3 weeks and can help strenghten the weakest nails.
GEL NAILS ( full set)
€ 55
€ 45
€ 5
€ 20
Minx™ is for those who love to stand out from the crowd. Minx™ is for the diva that has a little bit of Goldfinger in her soul; mirrored metallic’s in gold, silver, copper, leopard print and many more designs open up a whole new arena of fingertip nail-fashion Once you have flirted with it and worn it – you’re Minxed for life!! This flexible film nail veneer are adhered perfectly to your natural or enhansed nail, with minx there is no need for smudging and your minx nails will last up to 10 days.